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SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2008
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2009 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge® TM

Mission: To design a snowmobile that achieves reduced emissions and noise characteristics while keeping performance equal to or better than the performance of stock snowmobiles
00IMG_2768.JPG 00IMG_2780.JPG 00IMG_2781.JPG
eIMG_2794.JPG eIMG_2818.JPG eIMG_2819.JPG
eIMG_2820.JPG eIMG_2825.JPG eIMG_2826.JPG
eIMG_2829.JPG eIMG_2837.JPG eIMG_2884.JPG
eIMG_2888.JPG eIMG_2896.JPG eIMG_2897.JPG
eIMG_2905.JPG eIMG_2918.JPG eIMG_2921.JPG
eIMG_2926.JPG eIMG_2933.JPG eIMG_3003.JPG
eIMG_3005.JPG eIMG_3008.JPG eIMG_3012.JPG
eIMG_3013.JPG eIMG_3014.JPG eIMG_3015.JPG
eIMG_3018.JPG eIMG_3022.JPG eIMG_3027.JPG
headIMG_2861.JPG headIMG_2864.JPG headIMG_2866.JPG
headIMG_2870.JPG headIMG_2871.JPG headIMG_2873.JPG
headIMG_2987.JPG headIMG_2992.JPG headIMG_2997.JPG
IMG_2881.JPG IMG_2883.JPG IMG_2948.JPG
IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2953.JPG saeIMG_3037.JPG
saeIMG_3047.JPG saeIMG_3053.JPG saeIMG_3066.JPG
saeIMG_3077.JPG saeIMG_3087.JPG saeIMG_3101.JPG
saeIMG_3104.JPG saeIMG_3114.JPG saeIMG_3123.JPG
saeIMG_3127.JPG schoolsIMG_2878.JPG semIMG_2957.JPG
semIMG_2958.JPG semIMG_2962.JPG semIMG_2964.JPG
semIMG_2975.JPG technicaltalkIMG_2856.JPG

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The Michigan Tech
Department of
Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
and the Keweenaw Research Center
are the hosts of the
SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2009
March 16-21, 2009

Archive of SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Videos and Photos by Michigan Tech ME-EM Department

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