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Mechanical Engineering Research News

Roshan D'Souza (ME-EM) has received $105,865 from the National Science Foundation for a CAREER Award, "Towards Interactive Simulation of Giga-Scale Agent-Based Models on Graphics Processing Units." The grant is for the first year of a potential five-year project totaling $400,000.
Jeffrey Naber (MEEM) has received $54,000 from the Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative for "Prototype Development and Testing of a Combustion Sensing Technology for John Deere Powertrains."
John Beard (MEEM) is the recipient of the General Motors Technical Education Program Outstanding Distance Learning Faculty Award for the winter/spring 2008 semester. In announcing the award, GM cites Beard's "excellent level of instruction in delivering the Product Realization II course" and added that his "attention to the students' needs was remarkable." More than 50 instructors delivered courses to GM students during the winter/spring semester.
Gregory Odegard (MEEM) has received $9,000 from Arizona State University for the first year of a potential four-year project, "Active Structural Fibers for Multifunctional Composite Materials."
Tammy Haut-Donahue (MEEM) received $22,481 from Penn State for "New Methodologies in Design of Small Blood Pumps."
Bo Chen has received the Best Paper in Computational Methods and Software Award at the 2008 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications. Her co-author was Dr. M. Tomizuka. The award was presented by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society, the ASME Division of Computers and Information in Engineering, and the ASME Division of Design Engineering.
Jeffrey Allen, (CoPI, ME-EM), "Center for Fundamental and Applied Research in Nanostructured and Lightweight Materials", sponsor:   National Science Foundation, total award amount: $1,544,553

Jeffrey Allen, (CoPI, ME-EM); Jeffery Naber, (CoPI, ME-EM); "Hydrogen Education Curriculum Path at Michigan Technological University"; sponsor:  U.S. Department of Energy; total award amount: $482,244.

Jason Blough, (PI, ME-EM); Jeffery Naber (CoPI, ME-EM), "Combustion Pressure Engine Testbed Setup", sponsor: PCB Piezotronics, total award amount:  $36,347.

Roshan D'Souza, (PI, ME-EM), "SGER: Exploring Data-Parallel Techniques for Mega-Scale Agent Based Model Simulations on Graphics Processing Units", sponsor:  National Science Foundation, total award amount:   $109,630.

Lyon Brad King, (PI, ME-EM), "Collaborative Research: I/UCRC in Space Power and Propulsion", sponsor:  National Science Foundation, total award amount:  $10,000.

Michele Miller, (PI, ME-EM), "Hands-On Ability: Why it Matters and How to Improve it." , Sponsor:  National Science Foundation, total award amount:  $396,309.

Jeffery Naber, (PI, ME-EM); Scott Miers, (CoPI, ME-EM); "Research Collaboration with Argonne National Laboratories for Graduate Student Research in Internal Combustion Engines"; sponsor:  Argonne National Laboratory; total award amount:  $23,426.

Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, (PI, ME-EM), Gregory Odegard, (Co-PI, ME-EM)"MRI: Acquisition of an In-Situ AFM/STM-TEM System for Interdisciplinary Nano-Research and Education at Michigan Tech", sponsor:  National Science Foundation, total award amount:  $320,090.

John Sutherland, (PI, ME-EM), John Gershenson, (Co-PI, ME-EM),"Collaborative Research: I/UCRC on Assembly Research", sponsor:   National Science Foundation, total award amount:  $12,600.

Jeremy Worm, (PI, ME-EM research scientist) has been selected to receive three (3) new HP engineering workstations from the 3Q 2008 PACE/HP Hardware Grant. The computers will be used in the new IC Engine Educational Laboratory in the Alternate Energy Research Building.

Associate Professor John Beard (MEEM) has received $113,125 from Delphi Corporation for "Electric Power Steering Rack Modeling."
MEEM Faculty Receive 2008 HP Technology for Teaching Grant
Associate Professor/Associate Chair Chuck Van Karsen, Associate Professor Michele Miller, Professor John Gershenson, Assistant Professor Jason Blough and Assistant Professor Spandan Maiti (MEEM) have received a 2008 HP Technology of Teaching grant, "Enhancing Engineering Analysis and Creative Design with Tablet Technology." The award process was very competitive; only 44 higher education institutions were selected out of more than 370 applicants.
Gregory Odegard (MEEM) has received $54,126 from NASA for the first year of a potential three-year project totaling $174,254, "Multiscale Modeling of the Effects of Physical, Chemical and Hydrothermal Aging on Failure of Graphite/Epoxy Composites."

Jeffrey Naber (MEEM) has received $51,169 from Argonne National Laboratory for "Graduate Student Research in Hydrogen IC Engines."

Jeffrey Naber has received $50,000 from the Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative for "A Novel Method of Stochastic IC Engine Combustion Knock Detection."

Assistant Professor Roshan D'Souza has been awarded $229,445 by the National Science Foundation for a three-year project, "Graphics Hardware Accelerated Real-time Machinability Analysis of Free-Form Surfaces."
Associate Professor Brad King received $151,069 from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research for "Microplasma Device Characterization Facility."
Assistant Professor Abhijit Mukherjee has received $23,175 from Endres Machining Innovations for "Empirical Modeling of Convective Heat-Transfer Coefficient in Micro-Ducts."

University Research Excellence Awards were earned by Spandan Maiti, $34,318 for "Deformation and Failure Behavior of Cellular Solids and Biopolymer Networks" and Byeng Young, $35,318 for "Multidisciplinary Bayesian System Reliability Analysis"

Mentor Grant Awards : Jaime Camelio, $9,000 for "REF-Mentoring Grant--Dr. Camelio (mentee) and Dr. Ceglarek (mentor)"

MuSTI: Multi-Scale Technologies Institute

MuSTI at Michigan Tech promotes interdisciplinary research and the implementation of nanotechnologies and microtechnologies into deployable systems. Ten departments and colleges on campus are involved in this initiative. Participating Physics faculty include Dr. John A. Jaszczak, Dr. Miguel Levy, Dr. Ravi Pandey, Dr. Ranjit Pati, and Dr. Yoke Khin Yap. The institute is directed by Dr. Craig Friedrich, a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Department. Some recent Physics/MuSTI proposals include:

Associate Professor Yoke Khin Yap (Physics/MuSTI), Assistant Professor Henry A. Sodano and Assistant Professor Greg Odegard (MEEM/MuSTI), "Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Aerodynamic Sensing," DoD-Missile Defense Agency

Professor Ravindra Pandey and Visiting Assistant Professor Ralph Scheicher (Physics/MuSTI), "Comprehensive First-Principles Study of Novel Bio-Nano Sensor Technology Based on DNA-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes," NSF-NER

Professor Miguel Levy (Physics/MSE/MuSTI), "Materials World Network: Nonlinear Magnetophotonic Crystals," NSF

More: Nanotechnology: A Minor that's Anything But

Nanotech Research Slated for $1 Million

Jaime A. Camelio (PI, ME-EM), John W. Sutherland (Co-PI, ME-EM), "Application of Control Theory Principles to Improve the Performance of a Dynamic Trucking Network", Sponsor - Schneider National, Total project amount - $41,000.00.

Edward Lumsdaine (PI, ME-EM), "2007 Staffing for the C3P ISD", Sponsor - Ford Motor Company, Total project amount - $240,284.00.

Jeffery D. Naber (PI, ME-EM), John E. Beard (Co-PI, ME-EM), Donna J. Michalek (Co-PI, ME-EM), "Direct Injection Ethanol Flex-Fuel Vehicle Optimization and HC Cold-Start Emissions reductions for Hybrid Applications", Sponsor - General Motors, Total project amount - $272,146.00.

Jeffery D. Naber (PI, ME-EM), John E. Beard (Co-PI, ME-EM), Donna J. Michalek (Co-PI, ME-EM), "GDI Ethanol Flex-Fuel Engine Optimization and HC Cold-Start Emissions Reduction for Hybrid Applications", Sponsor - General Motors, Total project amount - $52,052.00.

Gordon G. Parker (PI, ME-EM), Jill Blecke, (Co-PI, PhD major, ME-EM), "Switch Bounce Modeling and Control", Sponsor - Sandia National Laboratories, Total project amount - $20,000.00.

Henry A. Sodano (PI, ME-EM), "Biologically Inspired Autonomic Structural Materials with Controlled Toughening and Healing", Sponsor - NSF, Total project amount $281,160.

Charles D. Van Karsen (PI, ME-EM), "AVS Engine Noise Identification", Sponsor - Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Total project amount - $60,800.00.

Assistant Professor Jeffrey Allen (MEEM) is the Michigan Tech investigator for a project that has been awarded $897,000 to investigate methods of improving automotive fuel cell performance and durability. The award is part of a $2.7 million Department of Energy collaborative project with Rochester Institute of Technology, General Motors and Michigan Tech. More Details about improving automotive fuel cell performance

Jeffrey S. Allen (Co-PI, ME-EM), John Diebel (PI, Tech and Econ. Dev.), "Fuel Cell Water control System Prototype - Alternative Energy", Sponsor - Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative, Total project amount -$60,979.

Assistant Professor Brad King has received grants from DOD $151,069 to support his work developing ion thrusters, used to power a new, small class of satellites
Michele H. Miller (PI -ME-EM), Gordon G. Parker (Co-PI, ME-EM), Henry A. Sodano (Co-PI, ME-EM), H. Liu and Sarah A. Green, (Co-PIs, Chemistry), Paul L. Bergstrom (Co-PI, EE), "Optimizing Chemo-Mechanical Structure for MEMS Chemical Vapor Sensor Arrays", Sponsor - Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Total project amount - $1,362,334.00.
Michigan Tech's Center for Environmentally Benign Functional Materials and the Sustainable Futures Institute have been awarded $1.7 million to develop structural foams that could be used in security applications. The research is being conducted by principal investigator Ghatu Subhash of the MEEM department and Co-principal investigators Gerard Caneba and David Shonnard, both of the Department of Chemical Engineering. News Story in full

L. Brad King (PI, ME-EM), "Self-Regenerating Nanotips: Indestructible Field-Emission Cathodes for Low-Power Electric Propulsion", Sponsor -U.S. Department of Defense - Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Total project amount - $324,487.00.

Jeffrey Naber receives a three-year, $1,311,011, grant from the National Science Foundation for "MRI: Development of Combustion Vessel for the Study of Gas and Dispersed Liquid Phase at Elevated Pressure and Temperature."

Byeng Dong Youn has received a $62,477 ($81,899 value) grant from US Army STAS for the research titled “Uncertainty Data Acquisition and Integration of Response Surface Method to Statistics-Based Analysis and Design Methodology in Distributed Environment”.

Dr. Youn was awarded a $27,986 ($32,301 value) contract from General Motors R&D Center for the research titled “Non-deterministic Engineering Design Optimization for a Passenger Restraint System”.

Roshan D'Souza has received $77,073 from the National Science Foundation for "SGER: Preliminary Investigation of Selective Volumetric Sintering of Powder Metallurgy Parts Using Microwaves."
Elias Aifantis has received $157,000 from the University of Illinois for "Novel Experiments and Models for Nanomechanical Analyses of Metallic Nanowires and Polymeric/Collagenic Nanofibers."
Ghatu Subhash, who has gained an international reputation for his research in mechanical engineering and materials science, is the recipient of Michigan Tech's 2005 Research Award. This makes him one of a handful of MTU faculty to be honored with both the Research Award and the Distinguished Teaching Award, which he received in 1994. See the ful news story here.

Gregory Odegard wins grant: A researcher at Michigan Tech has received a $255,000 grant from NASA. His work in developing computer models for tiny materials could result in stronger, lighter aircraft. Greg Odegard, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, creates these models to predict the strength of nanomaterials. One nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter. Michigan Tech News story
Tammy Haut Donahue received a $9,661 grant, the first increment of a potential three-year $41,640 award from Pennsylvania State University for her research titled "Finite Element Analysis of Small Blood Pumps."
L. Brad King was one of only 57 in the entire nation to receive one of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). He was nominated by the Defense Department for this honor. Professor King will also receive a prestigious 2004 NSF CAREER Award. The title of the research is "Electron Fluid Dynamics in a Hall-effect Accelerator", with a total project value of $602,000. The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a NSF-wide activity that offers the NSF's most prestigious awards for new faculty members. The Award states that "The CAREER program recognizes and supports the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who are most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century." More Details
Michigan Tech and Southern University were recently awarded a $3.6 million award from the National Science Foundation for the project, "IGERT: Achieving Environmental Industrial, and Societal Sustainability via the Sustainable Futures Model." John Sutherland, Richard & Elizabeth Henes Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, serves as Director of the effort. Read the news story about the award. See the Sustainable Futures IGERT Web site

Gordon Parker received a $109,814 contract from the Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc. for research titled "High Capacity at Sea Transfer."

Gordon Parker also has received a $27,204 award from BMT Designers & Planners, Inc. for his project, "System Identification of Hydrostatic Transmission for Penulation Control System Implementation & Simulation."

Prof's Research Garners NSF Award
Mahesh Gupta's fledgling enterprise has just received a $100,000 vote of confidence in the form of a Small Business Innovative Research Grant. The firm, located in the Michigan Tech SmartZone, markets Gupta's PELDOM software, which helps take the guesswork out of making extruded plastic products. MTU News Story
Scott Post (MEEM) has received a $149,960 grant from the National Science Foundation for his project, "Acquisition of High Speed Digital Imaging System for Multidisciplinary Research at MTU." 
Ghatu Subhash (MEEM) has received a $311,028 grant from the NSF for his project, "GOALI - Ultrafine Grained and Nanostructured Ceramics: Influence of Processing, Grain Size and Strain Rate on Fracture Characteristics." 

Life Cycle Engineering

John Gershenson (MEEM) has received a $289,439 grant for his project, "Product Modularity--The Link Between Product Architecture and Product Life-Cycle Costs."
Visit the Life Cycle Engineering Lab 

New Grant for High-Power Electric Thrusters Research

L. Brad King (MEEM) has received $185,000 from the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research for his project, "A Ground-Test Facility for High-Power Electric Thrusters Operating on Condensable Propellants."
Visit the Ion Space Propulsion Lab
See previous news article "Ions in the Sky..."

Microsize Tools Subject of Research Center
Michigan Tech is collaborating in an unprecedented engineering partnership involving the University of Michigan, Michigan State, and twenty corporations. 
More . . . 

Ford Motor Company has donated five patents that could serve as a springboard to the creation of some of the finest filters seen outside of nature. Tony Rogers, of Chem Engg and Burhanettin Altan, of the ME-EM speculate that diatoms could be used to make a new generation of semi-permeable membranes

Click here to read the story 

Grant to Study Cutting Fluid
Cutting fluids play a virtually indispensable role in industrial machining, lubricating and cooling the metals and tools used to make everything from engine blocks to gun barrels. However, they are a mixed blessing. More . . .

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