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The Multi-Scale Technologies Institute (MuSTI) announces the 2008-09 solicitation for proposals for exploratory experimental multi-scale research.  The purpose of these grants is to defray the cost of laboratory and equipment use fees and associated supplies in the pursuit of results that will lead to external funding through MuSTI. 

MuSTI anticipates awarding up to a total of $30,000, with each award up to a maximum of $5,000, subject to the award guidelines. The deadline for applications is November 14, 2008.  Awards are anticipated to begin Spring ’09 term.

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:: Overview

  • The Multi-Scale Technologies Institute promotes interdisciplinary research and the implementation of nanotechnologies and microtechnologies into deployable systems. This presents many challenges where physically and functionally compatible devices and components differ in size by thousands or millions of times. The design, fabrication, integration, and testing of such systems are of particular importance.
  • The establishment of MuSTI is based on Michigan Tech's focus on applied research, established practices of interdisciplinary research, capabilities in fabrication and testing, and strong engineering and science programs.

Left Menu Image: Carbon nanotubes with metal catalyst tips, magnification 20000. FE-SEM image by Dr. John A. Jaszczak for Fundamentals of Nanoscale Science and Engineering lab tour.