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Advanced Power Systems


Telephone: Area Code 906


Jeffrey S. Allen, Associate Professor   
PhD, University of Dayton
Capillary Flow, Interfacial Transport Phenomena, Fuel Cells,
Phase-Change Heat Transfer, Microgravity Fluid Physics





Carl L. Anderson, Professor
Associate Dean of Engineering,   
Co-Director Advanced Power Systems Research Center 
PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Heat Transfer, I. C. Engines, Torque Converters, Infrared Radiometry, Infrared & Microwave Telemetry




John E. Beard, Associate Professor,
Area Director Design / Dynamic Systems
PhD, Purdue University
Design of Mechanical Systems and Hybrid Electric Powertrains, Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing





Jason R. Blough, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Cincinnati  
Vibrations, Unique Instrumentation/Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Processing,
Noise Control, High Precision Static, and Dynamic GPS-based Measurements





William J. Endres, Associate Professor
Area Director Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering   
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Machining Dynamics, Cutting Mechanics, Manufacturing Processes,
Process and Tooling Innovation





John H. Johnson, Research Professor  
PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Internal Combustion Engines, Diesels, Air Pollution, Emissions, Modeling





Desheng (Dennis) Meng, Assistant Professor 
PhD,  University of California at Davis  
Micro and nano technologies for energy and environmental applications, Microfluidics,
Micro fuel cells, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), micro and nano fabrication





Donna J. Michalek, Associate Professor,   
Assistant Provost
PhD, University of Texas at Arlington
CFD, Multi-Phase Flow, Atomization and Sprays, Thermosciences in Manufacturing





Abhijit Mukherjee, Assisant Professor    PhD, University of California – Los Angeles
Heat Transfer, Boiling, InterfacialPhenomena, Micro- and  Nanofluidics





Jeffrey D. Naber, Associate Professor
Co-Director Advanced Power Systems Research Center
PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Powertrain Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Combustion & Aftertreatment





Amitabh Narain, Professor
PhD, University of Minnesota
Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Viscoelastic Flow





Sudhakar M. Pandit, Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin‑Madison
Data Dependent Systems Modeling, Computer Control, Machine Vision, Nanometrology





Gordon G. Parker, John & Cathi Drake Professor
Director of Research   
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo  
Controls, Mechatronics, and Nonlinear Systems





Fernando Ponta, Assistant Professor   
PhD, University of Buenos Aires 
Theoretical and Computational Fluid Mechanics, Vortex Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction,
Wind-Turbine Aerodynamics, Renewable-Energy Sources





Mohan D. Rao, Associate Professor
Director Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems Research Caucus  
PhD, Auburn University
Vibrations, Noise Control, Damping, Acoustics, Sound Quality and Auditory Science





Charles D. Van Karsen, Associate Professor  
Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies 
MSME, University of Cincinnati  
Experimental Vibro-Acoustics, Digital Signal Processing





Song-Lin (Jason) Yang, Professor
PhD, University of FloridaComputational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Grid Generation, Turbine Combustor Simulation, Computational Aerodynamics