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Multidisciplinary Engineered – Dynamic Systems


Telephone: Area Code 906


Jason R. Blough, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Cincinnati
Vibrations, Unique Instrumentation/Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Processing,
Noise Control, High Precision Static, and Dynamic GPS-based Measurements




Bo Chen, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, Davis
Mechatronic and Embedded Systems, Agent Technology, Distributed Control Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems





Spandan Maiti, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Computational Solid Mechanics, Multiscale Modeling, Biomimetics, Dynamic Failure  and  Fracture, Fatigue Response of Advance Materials




Michele H. Miller, Associate Professor
Director Engineering Education Innovation Research
PhD, North Carolina State University
Grinding, Precision Engineering, MEMS, Human Factors





Sudhakar M. Pandit, Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Data-Dependent Systems Modeling, Computer Control, Machine Vision, Nanometrology





Gordon G. Parker, John & Cathi Drake Professor
Director of Research
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Controls, Mechatronics, and Nonlinear Systems





Mohan Rao, Professor
Director Multidisciplinary Engineered Dynamic Systems Research
PhD, Auburn University
Acoustics, Vibrations, Noise Control, Damping and Auditory Science





Charles D. Van Karsen, Associate Professor
Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies
MSME, University of Cincinnati
Experimental Vibro-Acoustics, Digital Signal Processing