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Engine Laboratories


Diesel Engine Laboratory:
The diesel engine laboratory contains two modern diesel engine dynamometer facilities. All the standard engine measurement, including emissions, can be obtained. In addition, both the physical and biological characteristics of diesel exhaust can be obtained.

Automotive Engine Laboratory:
Two automotive type engine dynamometer facilities are available for research. These facilities have emission measuring capabilities and high speed data acquisition capabilities.

Two-Stroke Marine Engine Laboratory:
One dynamometer facility is devoted to research associated with two stroke engines. This facility has access to emissions measuring equipment and high speed data acquisition equipment.

Automotive Two-Stroke Laboratory:
One dynamometer facility is being used to study the potential of alternative fuels for automotive two-stroke engines. Piston Temperature Measurement Laboratory: A engine dynamometer facility has been used to investigate the piston temperatures in a running engine through the use of a unique data acquisition system.

Small Engines Laboratory:
The small engine laboratory has a number of small engines used for the study of engine combustion and other engine phenomena.

Laser Laboratory:
This laboratory contains laser instrumentation for the measurement of the fundamental characteristics of flames. The laboratory also contains laser instrumentation for the measurement of droplet sizes of fuel injectors and an instrument for measuring the pattern produced by a fuel injector spray.

Cold Room:
A cold room is available for any research requiring a controlled temperature and humidity.

Heat Transfer Laboratory:
A heat transfer laboratory includes research and classic heat transfer experiments. Instrumentation is available for temperature and other measurements.