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Advanced Power Systems Research Center (APRSC) Members
  Last Name First Name email Phone Department Expertise Kewords
Allen Jeffrey jstallen@mtu.edu 906-487-2349 ME-EM Capillary Flow, Interfacial Transport Phenomena, Fuel Cells, Phase-Change Heat Transfer, Microgravity Fluid Physics
Bar Ziv Ezra ebarziv@mtu.edu 906-487-3151 ME-EM

Clean Coal Combustion, Fuel Switching in Coal Power Plants, Torrefaction and pyrolysis of Biomass

Beard John jebeard@mtu.edu 906-487-3110 ME-EM Design of Mechanical Systems and Hybrid Electric Powertrains, Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing 
Blough Jason jrblough@mtu.edu 906-487-1020 ME-EM Vibrations, Unique Instrumentation/Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Processing, Noise Control
Chen Bo bochen@mtu.edu 906-487-3537 ME-EM Computational intelligence, Computer-aided modeling and simulation, Embedded systems, Signal processing, and Intelligent transportation systems.
Cornilsen Bahne bccornil@mtu.edu 906-487-2295 Chemistry Solid State Chemistry, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry
Endres William wjendres@mt u.edu 906-487-2567 ME-EM Machining Dynamics, Cutting Mechanics, Manufacturing Processes
Gauchia Antonio antonio@mtu.edu 906-487-2513 ME-EM  
Gauchia Lucia gauchia@mtu.edu 906-487-3382 ME-EM, ECE Energy Storage Systems, State estimation for batteries and supercapacitors
Hackney Steve hackney@mtu.edu 906-487-2170
MSE Lithium ion batteries, surface and interface dynamics, thin films and nanostructures, thermodynamics, diffusional instabilities and applications of electron microscopy
Johnson Dana dana@mtu.edu 906-487-2803 Business Outcomes based research with emphasis in healthcare and supply chain associated with biofuels, both liquids and solids
Johnson Jaclyn jenesbit@mtu.edu 906-487-3433 ME-EM Fundamentals of Diesel Spray and Combustion, Spark Ignition, Spray Combustion, Optical and Laser Diagnostics, Thermophysical Properties; Spray & Combustion Modeling
Johnson John H. jjohnson@mtu.edu 906-487-2576 ME-EM Internal combustion engines
Johnson Mark marjohns@mtu.edu 906-487-1662 Technology Design of test-stand systems to conduct research, Lean and agile manufacturing, with emphasis on total productive maintenance
Lee Seong-Young sylee@mtu.edu 906-487-2559 ME-EM ISpray Combustion, Fuel Flexibilities, Soot Emissions, Internal Combustion Engines, Gas Turbine Engine, Laser-Based Combustion Diagnostics
Miers Scott A. samiers@mtu.edu 906-487-2709 ME-EM Alternative and renewable transportation fuels, internal combustion engine efficiency, performance and emissions, wireless data acquisition techniques, combustion visualization
Naber Jeffrey jdnaber@mtu.edu 906-487-1938 ME-EM Internal Combustion Engines, Hydrogen and Biofuels, and After-Treatment
  Narain Amitabh narain@mtu.edu 906-487-2555 ME-EM Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Condensing /Phase-change flows
Parker Gordon ggparker@mtu.edu 906-487-1850 ME-EM Nonlinear Controls, Mechatronics, and Dynamics
Ponta Fernando flponta@mtu.edu 906-487-3563 ME-EM Theoretical and Computational Fluid Mechanics, Vortex Dynamics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Wind-Turbine Aerodynamics, Renewable-Energy Sources, Energy Systems
Shahbakhti Mahdi mahdish@mtu.edu 906-487-3405 ME-EM Dynamic Systems Modeling and Control, Powertrain/Vehicle Control, Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative/Renewable Fuels, Vehicular Emissions and Aftertreatment Systems
Tanner Franz tanner@mtu.edu 906-487-2190 Math Sciences CFD, Turbulent Reacting Multiphase Flows, Numerical Methods, Scientific Computing, Optimal Control
Van Karsen Chuck cdvankar@mtu.edu 906-487-2159 ME-EM Vibration, Modal Analysis, Acoustics
Yang Song Lin (Jason) slyang@mtu.edu 906-487-2624 ME-EM Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Engine Flow Simulation, DPF and DOC Modeling and Simulation, Computational Aerodynamics

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