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Multi-scale Systems and Sensors


Friedrich, Craig - PI US Dept of Defense $5,806,939 Research and Infrastructure: Development Center for Nanomaterials Research
Miller, Michele - PI
Bettig, Bernhard - Co-PI
Parker, Gordon - Co-PI
Sodano, Henry - Co-PI
Michigan Economic Development Corp $1,362,337 Optimizing Chemo-Mechanical Structure for MEMS Chemical Vapor Sensor Arrays
Friedrich, Craig - Co-PI University of Michigan $1,311,902 An Engineering Research Center in Wireless Integrated Microsystems
Sodano, Henry - PI National Science Foundation $281,160 Biologically Inspired Autonomic Structural Materials with Controlled Toughening and Healing
D'Souza, Roshan - PI National Science Foundation $256,445 Graphics Hardware Accelerated Real-time Machinability Analysis of Free-from Surfaces
Greip, Mark - PI
Friedrich, Craig - Co-PI
National Science Foundation $121,500 Utilizing Quantum Dots as an Onboard Light Source for Bacteriorhodopsin Based Nanosensors
Endres, William - PI M.K. Morse Co $83,639 Mechanics-Based Design of Metal Cutting Circular Saws
D'Souza, Roshan - PI National Science Foundation $83,113 SGER: Preliminary Investigation of Selective Volumetric Sintering of Powder Metallurgy Parts
Sodano, Henry - PI NanoSonic Inc $42,002 Harvesting Electric Power Through an Instrumented PVDF Backpack Harness
Sodano, Henry - PI State of Michigan $41,064 REF: Multifunctional Piezoelectric Carbon Fibert
Allen, Jeffrey - PI State of Michigan $28,176 REF: Technique for Non-Instrusive Pressure Measurements in Microfluidic-Based MEMS Devices -- A Feasibility Study
Camelio, Jaime - PI Michigan Technological University $9,000 REF- Mentoring Grant - Dr. Camelio (mentee) & Dr. Ceglarek (mentor)