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Sustainable Manufacturing & Design

Sustainable Manufacturing and Design
The areas of Manufacturing and Design are fundamental intersections of the interdisciplinary research groups.  Manufacturing research emphasizes topics in mechanics and materials science. Current research activity is in mechanics of materials with microstructure, experimental mechanics, plasticity, wave propagation and dynamic fracture, biomechanics, micromechanics, ceramics, crashworthiness, composites, and computational mechanics.
Design research emphasizes the development of design methodologies and computer-aided design and analysis tools and the modeling and control of dynamic processes in engineering systems. Current research activity is examining feature extraction from CAD models, robust design methods, engineering acoustics and noise control, noise-vibrations-harshness, modal analysis, system modeling and identification, control systems, system dynamics, environmental issues in engineering design, and biomechanical design.


A Sustainable Future Read the article 'A Sustainable Future' (250 kb PDF) about Dr. John Sutherland's research and the Sustainable Futures Institute involvement in sustainable green engineering research.




Human Powered VehiclDr. John Gershenson featured in "Improving their Future - One Step at a Time" in Annual Report article (250 kb PDF)