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Attention Undergraduate and Graduate Students!
If you are interested in: Alternative and Renewable Fuels, Internal Combustion Engines, and Combustion

There are open positions for research within the APSRC

Please contact one of the following faculty members

Dr. Seong-Young LeeDr. Scott Miers,  Dr. Jeff Naber

The Advanced Power System Research Center is a multidisciplinary organization that fosters collaborative research efforts in the areas of clean, efficient, and sustainable Power Systems technologies.

The Center brings together and coordinates a number of University researchers working on various energy related systems including I.C. engines, hybrid powertrains, fuel cells, torque converters, solar and wind power generation, together with enabling technologies such as combustion, heat transfer, controls, alternative fuels (including ethanol, bio-diesel,  and hydrogen), numerical methods in CFD and computational mechanics, and NVH.

The Center develops both fundamental and applied knowledge that is required for the next generation of low-emission, high-efficiency power generation systems.

The result is an interdisciplinary Power Systems research organization that is responsive to the economic needs of the State and the energy needs of the Nation.





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