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Sam Barros Featured on Australian TV

Mechanical engineering undergrad Sam Barros has been featured in the TV show "What Is Good for You," roughly the Australian equivalent of the American show "Mythbusters."

The crew filmed in Barro's Ripley garage last spring, also known as his lab, and without going into too much detail we can say that he has lots of fun, and you should definitely not try this at home.

But don't get the wrong idea, Barros says. The performances are carefully orchestrated. He's been experimenting with everything from high-voltage electricity to turbochargers almost since childhood, and when he doesn't already know the safe way to pull off a trick, he checks with experts in industry. Last summer, his work with a Tesla Coil anchored Mercedes' New York rollout of a new vehicle. Read more about that at .

You can see the "What Is Good for You," episode at ; you'll need Internet Explorer 6.






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