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NASA Scientist Meets with Aerospace Engineers

NASA Senior Scientist, Dr. Kathryn Clark met with members of the Aerospace Enterprise Team. The team is developing the HuskySat, a nano-satellite. She is a member of the Michigan Tech Board of Control. Left to right, David Dame, Dr. Clark and Adam Moore with the HuskySat to their right.

Dr. Clark is a senior scientist at NASA, working in the field of human exploration and development of space enterprise. Dr. Clark's primary scientific interests are neuromuscular development and adaptation to altered environments.

She has served as deputy director of the NASA Commercial Space Center, The Center for Microgravity Automation Technology, which provides imaging technology for the space station. Dr. Clark received the Outstanding International Award from Women in Aerospace and was recently inducted into the National Women's Museum in Dallas. Dr. Clark is a pilot and is a member of the International Society of Women Pilots.

In the Aerospace Enterprise lab with a version of the HuskySat on the wall.
  NASA Reduced Gravity Flight Student
Program, July 27-28, 2004

Michigan Tech's Aerospace Enterprise student team was selected to test their nanosatellite in zero gravity on KC-135 airplane @ 36,000 ft. over Texas. Shown at left, MEEM Chair Bill Predebon with the Michigan tech student team.

The Aerospace Enterprise Team is competing with nine other universities to build the best probe for the NASA space shuttle launch scheduled for 2006- 2007

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Oct 6, 2004

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