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Michigan Tech SAE Student Chapter Largest in Nation

by Mark Blehm, student writer

For the Michigan Tech student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers, it came as no surprise.

They were recently notified that their chapter was the largest in the country by a considerable margin, with a total of 170 members.

The chapter is a professional organization for students who are involved in the automotive field. Its activities include sponsoring collegiate design competitions, awards and scholarships; hosting meetings with speakers from industry; sending students to network with members of industry and other SAE chapters; and putting on recruiting events to get prospective students interested in SAE and Michigan Tech.

"We try to get the students exposed to as much technology and industry as we can, so they can get excited about what's out there," said Assistant Professor Jason Blough (MEEM), the chapter's faculty advisor.

Asked how the chapter got so large, Blough responded, "We have a lot of students that are interested in automotive and motorsports-related topics, as well as students interested in events such as Clean Snowmobile, Baja and Challenge X. Plus, our student executive board has really stepped it up and decided that they want to be the largest."

"This indicates that we have a large number of students who are interested in getting involved in hands-on engineering experiences," said William Predebon, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics. "Give credit to Jason Blough, who created and sustained the excitement for this large of a group."

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