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Amitabh Narain Ph.D. - Named ASME Fellow 2006

Amitabh Narain


Dr. A. Narain, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has a career that spans twenty-three years. After obtaining his Ph.D. (Mechanics) degree at the University of Minnesota in 1983, he joined as a faculty at Michigan Technological University. He has published over 40 peer reviewd articles. Among them, through published journal articles, he has made seminal contributions in the areas of: (i) shear waves in viscoelastic liquids, (ii) direct computational simulations for condensing flows, and (iii) internal condensing flow experiments that support his principal simulation results and propose novel exit-condition based categorization of these flows.

The experimental and computational work in condensing flows has been supported and continues to be supported by NSF and/or NASA. For other condensing flow related applications, he has successfully completed a consultancy for Procter and Gamble and invented a non-intrusive film thickness sensor that successfully exploits fluorescence and fiber-optics and measures local time-varying thickness of dynamic liquid films. Also, he has been a principal investigator on several industry sponsored projects.

Dr. Narain has an excellent record of leadership in organizing several symposia for ASME’s IMECE conferences, as a chair (2000-2003) of the ASME AMD's technical committee on Fluid Mechanics, and active membership and participation in three of ASME technical committees, viz.: K-8 committee of HTD, Multi-Phase flow committee of FED, and Fluid Mechanics committee of the AMD. Dr. Narain has also made significant contribution to graduate student mentoring and teaching at Michigan Tech - particularly in the areas of Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Two-Phase flows. University of Minnesota, Ph. D., 1983, Mechanics


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June 18, 2007