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  • Research Symposium Award - 03/17/17

    Drew Hanover received the Third Place Award at Michigan Tech's Undergraduate Research Symposium held on March 17, 2017. He presented his EML research in the area of building energy efficiency and building-to-grid optimization. He was selected among the 72 students who participated in this event.
  • Outstanding Teaching Award - 02/28/17

    Mohammad Reza (Amini) received Outstanding Teaching Award at Michigan Tech for exhibiting " exceptional teaching abilities ".
    Congratulations to Mohammad Reza!
  • Outstanding Scholarship Award - 02/16/17
    Ali (Soloukmofrad) received Michigan Tech Dean's Award for Outstanding Scholarship, recognizing his research performance and scholarly activities. Well-done Ali!
  • PhD Thesis Defense - 01/27/17

    Ali Soloukmofrad, the fourth EML PhD student, successfully defended his thesis on Jan. 27, 2017. His thesis was titled "Model-based Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Low Temperature Combustion Engines".
  • Teaching Recognition - 01/13/17

    Dr. Shahbakhti was recognized in Provost’s List, Top 10% instructors among over 1050 evaluated sections/instructors university-wide at Michigan Tech University for teaching in Fall 2016. He also recieved the same recognition for teaching in Fall 2015.
  • Best Presentation Award - 12/24/16

    EML's joint paper with Ford Motor Company received the Best Presentation Award of SAE 2016 Int. Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Conference, held in Baltimore, MD, Oct. 24-26, 2016. Ali Soloukmofrad was the first author of the paper and presented this paper as part of his PhD work. The paper is entitled " Fuel Economy Benefits of Integrating a Multi-Mode Low Temperature Combustion (LTC) Engine in a Series Extended Range Electric Powertrain ". The co-authors of the paper are Mohammad Shakiba, Kaushik Kannan, Hamit Solmaz, Mehran Bidarvatan, Nithin Kondipati, Paul Dice, and Mahdi Shahbakhti.
  • PhD Thesis Defense - 12/15/16

    Boopathi Mahadevan, the third EML PhD student, successfully defended his thesis on Dec. 15, 2016. He was co-advised by Prof. John Johnson.
  • EML's Research Media Coverage - 11/08/16
    EML's presentation at SAE 2016 Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles Symposium was highlighted in GreenCarCongress.com in an article entitled "SAE REX: PHEVs and REEVs could open door for advanced combustion regime engines". Read more...
    The EML's presentation was titled " Potenital of LTC Engine Technology for Range Extender Vehicles ", presented by Ali Soloukmofrad and Mahdi Shahbakhti in Knoxville, TN on Nov. 2, 2016.
  • Best Student Paper Award - 10/21/16

    EML's joint paper with UC Berkeley and Stanford University was selected for the six best student papers among the 233 papers submitted at 2016 ASME Dynamics and Control Systems Conference (DSCC) held in Minneapolis, MN, October 12-14, 2016. The paper is entitled " Handling Model and Implementation Uncertainties via an Adaptive Discrete Sliding Mode Controller Design ". Mohammad Reza Amini was the first author of the paper and co-authors include Mahdi Shahbakhti, Selina Pan, and Karl Hedrick.
  • MS Graduations - 08/01/16

    Kaushik Kannan, Jayant Arora, and Nithin Teja Kondipatithe successfully defended their theses and graduated with MS in Mechanical Engineering in Summer 2016. Congratulations to all of them!
  • Best Presentation Awards - 7/15/16
    Presentations by MohammadReza (Amini) and Meysam (Razmara) were both selected as the best presentation of the session in 2016 American Control Conference in Boston, Jul 4-6, 2016. MohammadReza presented the paper Discrete Sliding Controller Design with Robustness to Implementation Imprecisions via Online Uncertainty Prediction " and Meysam presented the paper " Novel Exergy-Wise Predictive Control of Internal Combustion Engines ". Well-done!
  • PhD Graduation - 06/22/16

    Meysam Razmara, the second EML PhD student, successfully defended his thesis and graduated with PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Summer 2016. Congratulations to Dr. Meysam Razmara!
  • SAE Ralph Teetor Educational Award - 02/15/16
    Dr. Mahdi Shahbakhti has been selected to receive the 2016 SAE Ralph Teetor Educational Award. This international award recognizes the top engineering educators. The award will be presented at the 2016 SAE World Congress, April 11-14, 2016, in Detroit.
  • Outstanding Scholarship Award - 02/09/16
    Meysam (Razmara) received Outstanding Scholarship Award in the Mechanical Engineering Department, recognizing his research performance and scholarly activities. Congratulations to Meysam!
  • PhD Graduation - 12/18/15

    Mehran Bidarvatan, the first EML PhD student, graduated with PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Dec 2015. Congratulations to Dr. Mehran Bidarvatan!
  • Outstanding Teaching Award - 10/16/15
    Meysam (Razmara) received Outstanding Teaching Award in the Mechanical Engineering Department recognizing his teaching performance. Congratulations to Meysam!
  • Best Presentation Award - 7/03/15
    Presentation by Mehran (Bidarvatan) was selected as the best presentation of the session in 2015 American Control Conference in Chicago, Jul 1-3, 2015. Mehran presented a paper from his PhD work. The paper was entilted " Integrated Cycle-to-Cycle Control of Exhaust Gas Temperature, Load, and Combustion Phasing in an HCCI Engine ". Good work Mehran!
  • Best Presentation Award - 6/15/15

    Seyfi Polat received the best presentation award for presenting his EML work at Int. Research Conference on Engineering, Science and Management (IRCESM) in Dubai June 3-4, 2015. The paper is entitled " An Experimental Study for the Effects of Supercharging on Performance and Combustion of an Early Injection HCCI Engine ". Authors include Seyfi Polat, Kaushik Kannan, Mahdi Shahbakhti, Ahmet Uyumaz, and Serdar Yücesui. Well-done Seyfi!
  • Doctoral Finishig Fellowship - 5/15/15
    Mehran (Bidarvatan) received Doctoral Finishing Fellowship in Summer 2015. Mehran was the only recipent from the MEEM Department. Congratulations to Mehran!
  • First EML Graduates - 5/15/15

    First five EML students graduated in 2015 Spring Commencemnet. Jeremy Dobbs, Mohammad Reza Nazemi, Madhura Paranjape, Hrishikesh Saigaonka, and Vishal Thakkar are the EML's MS students who did their dissertations in areas ranging from building energy efficiency to advanced combustion engines. Congratulations to all of them!
  • Mehran Wins Two Dean's Awards - 4/15/15

    Mehran Bidarvatan's research and teaching efforts were recognized by two Dean's awards including Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher in 2015. Well-done Mehran!
  • Best Paper Award - 6/11/14

    Dr. Shahbakhti received Best Paper Award of ASME Automotive and Transportation Systems (ATS) Technical Committe. This award was given for the co-authored paper entilted " Impact of Implementation Imprecision on Sliding Mode Controller Design for Automotive Cold Start Emissions " by Andreas Hansen, Mahdi Shahbakhti, and J. Karl Hedrick. This paper was presented in 2012 ASME Dynamics and Control Systems Conference (DSCC) held in Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 2012. The ASME award was presented in 2014 Ameican Control Conference event in Portland, OR.
  • LTC Engine Ready to Run - 12/24/13

    After 8 months of deligent group work, EML's low temperature combustion (LTC) engine is ready to run at APSRC. The engine will be used for research on LTC combustion modes including PCCI, RCCI and HCCI. The picture above shows some of the EML members working on LTC powertrain - from left: MohammadReza Nazemi, Kaveh Khodadadi, Ninad Ghike, Deepak Kothari, Zhao Han, Mahdi Shahbakhti, Anupkumar Ketkale, Vishal Thakkar, Paul Dice, Fouad Ahmed, Hrishikesh Saigaonka, and Dennis Xiong.
  • Best Student Paper Award - 10/31/13

    EML's joint paper with UC Berkeley was selected among the five best student papers at 2013 ASME Dynamics and Control Systems Conference (DSCC) held in Stanford CA October 21-23, 2013. The paper is entitled " Simultaneous State Estimation and Parameter Adaptation for Building Predictive Control ". Authors include Mehdi Maasoumy, Barzin Moridian, Meysam Razmara, Mahdi Shahbakhti and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli.
  • First International EML Presentation - 4/22/13

    Mehran presented recent EML work on " Two-Input Two-Output Control of Blended Fuel HCCI Engines " on 4/18/13 at 2013 SAE World Congress.

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