Dr. Seong-Young Lee

Professor Seong-Young Lee joined Michigan Tech in August of 2008.  He earned his PhD from Pennsylvania State University in 1998.  Prior to joining MTU, Dr. Lee has devoted the last 10 years at Penn State University in the area of combustion measurements (laser-based diagnostics) and analysis.  Seong-Young's research interests are in spray combustion in IC engines, alternative/renewable fuels, instabilities and autoignition in gas turbines, plasma-assisted combustion, pulse detonation engines, and development and application of laser-based diagnostics for chemically reacting flows.  Before coming to the USA in 1993, Dr. Lee worked with the Agency for Defense Development in the area of engine performance testing and the development of the cooling system for heavy-duty diesel engines for seven years.  Seong-Young’s hobbies include soccer, table tennis, basketball, and reading.  Dr. Lee is an active member of the Combustion Institute and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


Phone: 906-487-2559

Office: MEEM 802

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