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Bohn, Michael
Optimization of the Sheet Metal Stamping Process:
Closed-Loop Active Drawbead Control Combined with
In-Die Process Sensing

Cao, Tengyun
Mechanistic Modeling of the Thread Tapping Process
Including Cutting Fluid Effects

Doering, Jeffrey
Improved Disturbance Rejection and Tracking Control of
Time Delayed Systems: Application to engine air-fuel
ratio control

Hamlin, Brett
Temperature Simulations and Thermal Damage Predictions Accompanying Surgical Cementation Treatments of Giant Cell Tumors of Bone: A Numeric Study

Kucuk, Haluk
Vision Based Path Planning for Flexible Link Robotics

Little, Eric
The Design and Application of Intelligent Helmholtz
Resonators for Vibration Control Devices

Liu, Qingyu
Computational Simulation and Interfacial Shear Models
for Wavy Annular Downward Flows in Vertical Pipes:
Turbulent Vapor/Laminar Condensate Situations

Milacic, Dusan
The Dynamic Modeling of Open Thin-Walled Beams as
Applied in Heavy Automotive Frames

Qu, Weimin
The Effects of High Frequency Vibration on the Grinding

Ranganath, Santosh
A Comprehensive Model for Dynamic Force Prediction
in Peripheral Milling Including the Effects of Flank Face

Shi, Linhuo
Modeling of Sink Mark Formation in Injection-Molded
Plastic Parts by Finite Element Method

Yu, Guang
Develoment of a CFD Code for Computational Simulations and Flow Physics of Annular/Stratified Film Condensation Flows

Yue, Yan
Cutting Fluid Mist Formation via Atomization Mechanisms

Zhu, Xinhai
Theoretical Analysis of Sheet Metal Formability



Agostini, Michael
Command Shaping Control for Repositioning Flexible Payloads

Anton, Richard
Investigation of Material Removal Mechanisms During Static and Dynamic Vickers Indentation of Brittle Materials

Bhargava, Abhilesh
A VRML based feature representation and recognition technique with application to machining processes

Bogema, John
Low Speed Exhaust Ports in a Two-Stroke Cycle

Braun, William
Modal Force Reconstruction for Tool Wear Identification

Carlson, Jeremy
Low Cost Mechanical Small Engine Fuel Injector Pump

Chan, Duen
Data-Dependent Systems Profilometry for Two-Dimensional Fringe Pattern Analysis

Chua, Paul
A Finite Element Study on the Efficacy of Mid-size
Car Bumpers

Dexter, Myles
Extraction/Filtration of Transients Embedded in Stationary Signals using Wavelets; Focus on Extraction of Frequency Response Functions

Esper, Gregory
A Comparative Study of Hydrogen Carriers for Fuel
Cell Electric Vehicles

Fedewa, Andrew
Modal Sensitivity Analysis

Foerster, Karsten
Enhancement of the Forming Limit Detection Capabilities by Adapting the DSpace Control and Data Acquisition System to an Existing Dome Height Test Machine

Fox, Michael
Stress Analysis of Interface Problems by Boundary Element Method

Gadde, Satish
A Computational Model Describing the Performance of
a Ceramic Diesel Particulate Trap in Steady-State Operation and over a Transient Cycle

Gan, Kim-Tong
Experimental and Finite Element Study on the Fracture
Fixation of Scaphoid

Gandhi, Ashish
Role of Cutting Fluids in Workpiece Temperature and
Surface Error in Peripheral Milling

Girard, James
A Study of the Character and Deposition Rates of Sulfur
Compounds in the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooling
System of a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine

Gunter, Kenneth
An Experimental Investigation of Cutting Fluid Mist
Formation via Atomization in the Turning Process

Guo, Aihua
Field Testing and Analysis Work of a Truck with an
Underbody Snowplow

Gwaltney, Geoffrey
Exploration of the Numerical Issues Surrounding Indirect
Force Estimation and the Matrix Pseudo-Inverse

Irlbeck, Todd
An Examination of the Torsional Rigidity of Aluminum

Janowski, Brian
Biomechanical Design, Development and Evaluation of
an Innovative Inclinator - A total gym therapy system

Jones, Matthew
Effects of Acoustic Plane Wave Reflections on In-Duct
Transmission Loss Measurements Using the Two
Microphone Method

Kakumanu, Thrinath
Model for Self Dressing of Resin Bound Grinding

Khan, Amjad
Characterization of Emissions from a Heavy-Duty Diesel
Engine Operated on a StabilizedWater - Diesel Fuel

Kiepert, Korey
Shear Fatigue Issues of Sandwich Core Materials in the
Vicinity of Yield

Kuehn, James
Particle-Scale and Wafer-Scale Effects in Chemical
Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

Kulkarni, Ajey
The Vehicle Engine Cooling System Simulation with
the Addition of a Compressible Cooling Airflow
Model-Validation Using Transient Experimental Data

Kurmaniak, Christopher
Application of Dynamic Source Identification to the
Automotive Transfer Case

Kuykendall, Dustin
Modeling of Human Response from Vehicle Performance Characteristics Using Artificial Neural Networks and Generalized Procrustes Analysis

Lawson, Robert
Strength Prediction of Random Mat Composites

Lehner, Chad
Design and Development of a Model Based Feedback
Controlled Cooling System for Heavy Duty Diesel
Truck Applications

Lewis, Derek
Sway Suppression for Operator Induced Disturbances
in a Rotary Boom Crane

Lukens, Phillip
Plastic Response of CVD Rhenium Under Tensile

Marttila, Eric
A Multi-Mode Heat Transfer Code for Thermal Analysis
of Automobile Exhaust Systems

Mathews, Benjamin
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Model to Predict the
Workpiece Temperature During Cylinder Boring

Nelson, Michael
Modeling Thermal Effects of Millimeter Wave Exposure
in the Primate Head

Pipik, Shannon
Identification of the Non-Linear Vibration Characteristics
of an Automatic Washing Machine

Prasoody, Sivanathan
Investigation of the Influence of Process Parameters on
Tube Hydroforming of Aluminum Extrusions

Scheff, Udo
Application of Nearfield Acoustical Holography to
Identify Exterior Noise Sources of Heavy Equipment
under Operating Conditions

Shrotriya, Ameet
Experimental and Finite Element Torsional Analysis of
Distraction Osteogenesis in Rabbit Tibia

Siow, Yeow-Khern
A CFD Investigation of Cutting Fluid Mist Formation
via Atomization

Stangis, Neal
The Effect of Time-Varying Positional Constraints on
Two Flexible Systems

Suresh, Arvind
A Study of the Effect of a Catalyzed Particulate Filter
on the Emissions from a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine
with EGR

Sweger, Peter
Cooling Passage Heat Transfer and Its Influence on Piston Temperature in a Two-Stroke Engine

Teh, Poh Heng
Causation and Correction Biomechanics of Scoliosis

Titulaer, Jeffrey
Development of an Automated Method for Determining
the Correct Weighting Factor for Application of the
First Order Vold-Kalman Tracking Filter

Torrance, Tom
Automotive Component Target Test Procedure

Towne, William
Mechanical Fuel Injection System for Small Engines

Welsh, David
Vibrational and Acoustical Performance of a Double
Layered Diesel Engine Gear Cover

Woo, Yen
Optical Film Thickness Sensor Measurements in
Engine Connecting Rods

Zeng, Li
Experimental Investigation of Cavitation Signatures in
an Automotive Torque Converter

Zhu, Aijun
An Analytical Model to Predict Cutting Forces in the
Shear Zone during Microdrilling

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