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Emeriti & Distinguished Faculty

Michigan Technological University's Department of Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics Emeriti and Distinguished Faculty Endowment Fund

As a distinguished academic career unfolds through the years, the long term impact is often not easily determined.

Senior faculty assist junior faculty members in their professional development and evolution, reshaping collective abilities and academic vision each year. Through teaching, research, and collaboration, countless human interactions have taken place.

Recognizing the outstanding contributions of many retired and former distinguished Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics faculty, the ME-EM Department is proud to announce a new Endowment Fund honoring Emeriti and Distinguished* Faculty.

This Emeriti and Distinguished Faculty Endowment Fund will support an endowed position for the current generation of ME-EM professors. Aubrey Gibson, one of our honored Emeriti Faculty, has established the Fund with his initial gift.

Please join him in supporting the legacy of outstanding engineering education in the ME-EM Department.

You will have the opportunities to participate in helping support this Fund by honoring YOUR favorite professors stories, inside or outside the classroom, and, if you wish, you may contribute your own stories about your favorite professors.

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*Distinguished Faculty are faculty who had been at Michigan Tech for at least 10 years.


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