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Dr. Janis H. Inveiss



Dr. Janis H. Inveiss earned the Distinguished Teaching Award, 1962

Dr. Janis H. Inveiss

Dr. Janis H. Inveiss

A Legacy of Action:
Dr. Janis H. Inveiss

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Janis Inveiss was a faculty member at Michigan Tech from 1954 to 1967. He earned the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1962.

He earned a doctoral degree in engineering sciences from the University of Latvia in Riga. where he became a professor of reciprocating engines.

According to a November 18, 1949 article in the Milwaukee Journal, Dr. Inveiss, at age 53, had experience as an assistant engineer on a British ocean liner and studied shipbuilding at the Polytechnical Institute in St. Petersburg Russia. He served with the Russian artillery in World War I.

He earned his undergraduate degree in 1933 and his doctorate in 1939 from the Univesity of Latvia where he became a full professor in 1944. When the German army invaded Latvia, he was sent to a concentration camp. After the War, in 1949, Dr. Inveiss and his family, his wife Irma, and two sons Janis and Uldis came to the U.S.A. sponsored by the National Lutheran Council.

He authored 19 books and articles in engineering while a professor in Latvia, though many were lost due to World War II. He was hired by Michigan Tech as a mechanical engineering professor in 1954. In the Michigan Tech Library some of his works are preserved: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines, ME 342: Syllabus; General Principles for Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Complex Mechanisms: The velocity analysis of complex mechanisms by the four-bar linkage principle, Part 1; Supplements to Machine Design, ME 345; Electricity from Heat - Directly; and Internal-combustion Engines

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Dr. Janis H. Inveiss

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