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Dr. Tsin Lien Chou

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Dr. Tsin Lien Chou

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A Legacy of Action:
Dr. Tsin Lien Chou

Professor Emeritus Engineering Mechanics

Dr. Chou was born in Changteh, Hunan Province, China several hundred miles from the coast, where he completed his primary and secondary education. He earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering degree from Pei-Yang Univesity, Tientsin, (now Tianjin) China in 1931. In England he earned a Ph.D. in civil and hydraulic engineering in 1936 at Manchester University in Manchester, England.

Linda Kuivinen writing a profile on Dr. Chou in the Michigan Tech Lode (2/04/1970) said "His thesis advisor was Professor Gibson and Professor Gibson's thesis advisor was Reynolds, which every good engineer knows is the father of fluid mechanics."

Dr. Chou went to Germany working in the field of fluid mechanics for the Prussian Institute of Research. He worked in Mississippi for the Mississippi River Commission and in Colorado for the Bureau of Reclamation.

When the Japan - China War broke out in 1938, Dr. Chou went back to China and taught in the Wartime College of Sian (Pei-Yang Engineering College, Sian, China) as a civil engineering professor, 1938-41.

During the five years he taught in China he was made the president of the Sichang College of Technology and was the technical advisor for the Yangtze River Commission. At the National Central University, Chunking, China he served as professor of hydraulic engineering, 1941-46. From 1946-49 he was employed in the Public Works Department for the Central Planning Board in Nanking, China.

In 1949 he relocated to National Taiwan University as professor of civil engineering. From 1952-55 he worked as a construction engineer for the Department of Irrigation, Ministry of the Interior, in Ceylon.

In 1955 Dr. Chou came to the United States and worked from 1955-56 for Edwards, Kelcey and Beck Consulting Engineers, of Newark, New Jersey as an engineer of hydraulic structures. From 1956-61 he worked for Clinton Bogert Associates, Consulting Engineers in New York, N.Y. as engineer in charge of fluid mechanics and hydraulic structures.

Among some of the many titles of professional papers he authored were "Resistance of Sewage Sludge to Flow in Pipes" Proceedings ASCE Sept 1958; "Special Transitions in High-Velocity Conduits" ASCE Annual Convention New York 1959; "Flow of Concentrated Sewage Sludge in Pipes" Proceedings ASCE Feb 1958; "The Suez Canal - It's Chronicle and Bibiography" Proceedings ASCE March 1959.

Dr. Chou conducted ressearch on magnetohydrodynamic power by using mercury as a conduction fluid. He also studied quasistellar objects where he proposed that quasistellar objects were shock waves and extraordinary radiation in the 1970s.

He earned the certificate of Professional Hydraulic Engineer in China. He was a Fellow in American Society of Civil Engineers. He was a member of the American Concrete Institute, American Society of Engineering Education, the International Association for Hydraulic Research, Engineering Association of Ceylon, The Chinese Institute of Engineers (Secretary General 1946-49) and the Chinese Institute of Hydraulic Engineers. He served a term as president of the Chinese Institute of Engineers.

He was married to Cynthia Hui-Hsin Liu from Jehol China who was reared in the Beijing area. In a feature article in the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette profiling Mrs. Chou, she recalled her youth in the Beijing area. She referred to Beijing as "one of the cultural wonders of the world," and a "city of uinversities." She grew up in metropolitan Beijng where she obtained her collegiate preparation. She obtained her degree in a teachers college, majoring in English literature. While in China, she taught English, and later worked for the United Nations in the Tientsin area, specializing in child welfare, writing a book in China after completing her U.N. work in 1946. She married Tsin Lien Chou in 1946, he was head of the engineering college and also working for the U.N.

The Chous did much world traveling in the 1950s throughout Europe and especially Paris, France. Mrs. Chou worked at Columbia University in New York, also earning a professional diploma in English and a M.A. degree while Dr. Chou served as an engineer for consulting firms in New York.