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Senior Recognition Banquet
Keynote Speaker: Douglass J. Hamar

Douglass J. Hamar

Order of Engineer Ceremony

Mr and Mrs. Douglass Hamar, Gail Mroz and Dr Glenn Mroz

Douglas J. Hamar ‘82

Doug graduated from Michigan with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1982 and a MS degree in Business Administration in 1984

After graduation from Michigan Tech he joined Horner Flooring Company and spent his entire career there. He started as a Staff Engineer and held various other positions including Assistant to the President, Vice President, COO, then his current position of President and CEO, which he has held since 1993. Their main business is maple wood basketball floors for the NBA. One of their marquee products has been a portable maple basketball floors that was used for the final four basketball games for over 20 years.

Doug is active professionally as the Past President of the Maple Flooring Manufactures Association Board of Directors and member of the International Basketball Federations Study Center Decisional Board.

He is also active in the community:  Member of the Board of Directors of Superior National Bank & Trust Company, member of the Board of Directors of Keweenaw Financial Corp., member of the Board of Directors of Northern Mutual Insurance Company, member of Chassell Township Schools Board of Education 1979-present, Past member of Copper Country Community Schools Board of Education, member and Past President of the Copper Country Association of School Boards,  Member of the Copper Country Salvation Army Advisory Board, member  of the Chassell Township Planning Commission.

Doug is the recipient of the 1994 Michigan Tech Young Alumnus Award. He is a member of the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Phase II Campaign Committee, Endowing Excellence.


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