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In 2011 Michigan Tech competed with a new vehicle which integrates the latest in lightweight materials, engine controls and technologies, and chassis/suspension design.

2011 - 52nd out of 120 schools

  • Design - tied 15th
  • Presentation ‐ 38th
  • Cost ‐ 69th
  • Acceleration ‐ 40th
  • Skidpad ‐ tied 45th
  • Autocross ‐ 59th
  • Endurance ‐ DNF but scored 47th in points

Michigan Tech Racing has a great history of solid performance at FSAE competition.

Our team has placed as high as 8th, and recently has performed in the top half of a highly competitive field of approximately 120 teams.

Extensive use of modeling / simulation, advanced controls, and high performance materials

Blistering vehicle performance:  0-60 mph in 3.5 sec and 1g+ skid pad performance

In the fall 2010 the spring 2010 car will be redesigned and built to rn in the 2011 competition. During the 2010-2011 school year a brand new car will be designed. This car will use cutting edge software to make sure all components will last. Computer simulation is never enough and as such the car will be tested thoroughly to make sure it can keep up with the best at the spring 20112 competition.

63rd Overall (out of 136) 15th Design, 19th Presentation

The team finished 48th out of 106 at the international Formula SAE competition held in Romeo, Michigan.

42nd Overall (out of 136), 34th in Endurance-Economy

89th Place Overall (out of over 150)

62nd out of 134

Twentieth place out of 123 schools

Runner-up in the Mechanical Dynamics Functional Digital Car Award

Third place in TRC Safety and Crash worthiness Award

Twenty-first place overall

Eighth place out of 100 schools

Second place Lear Best Interior Award

First place Recyclability Award

Second place TRC Safety and Crash worthiness

Visteon Static Performance Award

Tenth place out of ninety-eight schools

First place Lear Best Interior Award


Michigan Tech Formula SAE The goal of the Formula Car competition is to design an open wheel formula style racecar for the weekend autocrosser.

The car needs to be able to accelerate quickly and handle well for the novice and experienced drivers, while still being inexpensive.

Formula SAE is judged by industry engineers on both dynamic and static events.

Static events include design of the vehicle, cost, and a presentation to a potential investor that would mass-produce the vehicles.

Dynamic events include an acceleration run of 75 meters, a skidpad event, an autocross event, and a twenty-four lap, two-driver endurance/fuel economy event.