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Michigan Tech was sixth overall.

Michigan Tech’s team claimed the Caterpillar Corporation Award for Innovation. On their zero emissions sled, they moved the drive axle to the back, increasing efficiency. They were credited for “excellent critical thinking.”

Zero emissions captain Mike Rittenour discussed Michigan Tech’s first year in the category. “We learned a lot from our mistakes,” he said “We want to come back and do well. We need to start in September,” he said.

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Official results will be posted Monday on the KRC Clean Snowmobile Challenge Site:

Clean Snowmobile Challenge Video Player at Michigan Tech ME-EM Page


Michigan Tech Takes 2nd Place in 2010 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge See Video Player from MTU ME-EM Or Select and view video from 2010 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Youtube Video Playlist


2nd Place Overall, with awards for:  lowest in-service emissions, quietest snowmobile, most practical snowmobile, and most sportsmanlike winner

4th place overall finish in 2008, an improvement from 6th place in the previous three competitions

Recipient of Land and Sea Best Performance Award in 2008

Michigan Tech has hosted the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge competition since 2003

6th Place Overall

6th Place Overall (out of 14), 1st in Design, 2nd in Objective Handling, 4th in Emissions

Sixth Place Overall, 2nd in Emissions, 3rd design paper

Second place overall, Best Performance, Quietest, Most Practical

Second place overall (out of 12), Best Design, 2nd in Display
3rd in Brake test, 4th in Emissions, 4th in Noise

Tenth place overall First place oral design presentation
Third place design paper
Third place acceleration
Developed a direct-drive system for the snowmobile.

Fourth place overall
First place hillclimb, World Champions
Second place acceleration
Best Performance Award
Developed a partial flow catalyst for use on a twostroke snowmobile

About the Program

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Clean Snowmobile Challenge is an intercollegiate design competition that is part of the SAE Collegiate Design Series.

The challenge requires student teams to design a snowmobile that achieves reduced emissions and noise characteristics while keeping performance equal to or better than the performance of stock snowmobiles.

Designs are expected to be practical and cost effective. The competition was created due to the recent controversy surrounding the use of snowmobiles in the national parks and the proposed ban.

The competition's goal is to prove that snowmobile emissions are not as high as previously thought, and that significant reductions in noise and emissions levels can be achieved through the use of new technology.

Clean snowmobile is judged on events that evaluate noise level, acceleration, a 100- mile endurance ride, fuel economy, oral and written design reports, overall handling, hillclimb, emission levels, cold start, static display, and cost. The team consists of an average of twenty-five students.


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