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Michigan Technological University
2008 PACE Competition
MEEM 4403

It is proposed to conduct a Solid Modeling competition using UGNX and other PACE sponsored software such as MD Nastran, Fluent, Adams, Hyperworks etc.
The competition is open to all students of ME department. best 10 teams will be selected for presentation.

Date of the competition: November 17, 2008 between 2PM - 5PM.

Venue:   MEEM - 208


The PACE Design Competition will judge five critical areas of your design project:
1. Form --- Design Concept, Creativity, Perceived Value, Safety
2. Fit --- Physical Model (realism, aesthetics, detail, supporting design)
3. Function --- Design Parameters and Performance (math models, simulations,
spreadsheets, etc.)
4. Presentation --- Effective, Professional, Credible
5. Teamwork and Collaboration.

Final judging will focus on the UG model and design parameters; i.e., a Matlab
simulation is not required for this competition. Some form of "functional modeling" (spreadsheet, simulation, calculation, etc.) will be very helpful in presenting a convincing case for how your design will perform.

Interested teams will submit four to six UGNX screen printouts to the event     co-ordinator at the address given below either by mail or in person.
Teams can choose what views they want to show ... some suggestions are:

- overall isometric views
- internal view or possibly transparent views
- drawing showing the overall dimensions
- zoomed-in view showing interesting detail
- other supporting concept drawings (config dwgs, roadway, process, etc).


The judges from PACE, GM, Siemens, along with MEEM faculty will review and evaluate the entries suitable for final presentation on 17th November 2008.

The Day of Competition
The selected teams will be informed about the timeslots allotted to each team. Teams will take turns presenting their project concepts to the PACE judging panel. You will have eight minutes for your presentation plus four minutes question and answer.


Judging criteria are:
- Model appearance --- realism, aesthetics, detail
- Design Creativity
- Perceived Value (could someone actually use the concept)
- Credibility (how will your design function, basis for product claims,
  confidence in presentation, etc.)

Teams interested in participating in the PACE Design Competition or for further information may contact:

V.C.Rao, Komaravolu
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Rm: 830, Ph: 906 487 1173(work)  or 906 281 3836 (cell)
Or by e-mail:

All entries (intent of participation) must be received by October 31, 2008.

Detailed project designs can be submitted before November 10th

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