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PACE - Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education - is a university and industry partnership to support strategically-selected academic institutions worldwide, to develop the automotive product life cycle management team of the future. PACE partners include GM, EDS, and Sun, with contributing companies such as HP, Altair Engineering and MSC Software. PACE has already provided over $10M in CAD/CAM/CAE hardware and software to the ME-EM department. You can click on images below to see a larger version.

First Place Team

Special Recognition 2nd Place Team

On December 8th, PACE hosted a design competition in the MEEM 4403 Computer-Aided Design Methods class. Judges came from GM and EDS. John Baker, an MTU alum now at EDS, flew in from Cypress, California for the competition. The competition was comprised of two separate events: an individual competition, based on the best work submitted by each student from the entire semester, and a team competition, based on the final lab assignment, collaborative design and simulation of a mechanism. Winners received a choice of gifts and a commendation certificate.

List of winners:
Individual -

1st Kenneth Wheeler
2nd James Jasitfer

Team - 1st place - Team #8: Greg Ives, Joe Littlefield and Casey Carr
Special Recognition to Zhiru Shi

Sharon Hill - GM
Kevin Parkila - GM
John Nielson - EDS
John Baker - EDS

You can click on images to see a larger version

Individual Entries
(Slide Show)

PACE Design Competition
for MEEM 4403 Computer-Aided Design Methods
Fall 2003



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